Springtime at the House of Hope

“What’s happening NOW at House of Hope Rescue Mission? Glad you asked! We are in the process of entering information on our almost 5,000 clients in the computer, so that all of our records will be computerized. Why? you may ask. This is the way we apply for grants, food banks, and other donations. These agencies require us to keep intricate records of how many people we’ve helped, and in what ways we have helped them. Getting everything entered in the computer will be the easiest way to have this information readily available. Our administrator and board member, Ann Payne is entering all of this information for us now. It is a long process! We are fortunate that we have had a new computer donated, what a blessing!

We are now accepting spring and summer clothing.  We always need food donations; see our volunteer page for a list of the items we need most.

We have started a new prayer ministry at House of Hope. When clients come in, they can write a prayer request on a 3×5 card with their name. Then, a volunteer will go to that person and offer to take them aside for prayer. We are also starting discussion groups, for any clients interested. On occasional days, we have “Art Day” and have art supplies on the tables for our clients to use as another form of expression. They have done some thoughtful and amazing work which we proudly have on display. We continue to have a Bible Study every Wednesday, led by volunteer, Judy Fleming. They are currently studying “Disciplesteps for Beginning Bible Students” written by our pastor, Cliff Jenkins. Our youth group from New Hope Fellowship, led by Shane Harris, came and volunteered for a day, sang, and led praise and worship in February.  It was greatly enjoyed by clients AND volunteers! The youth group from Elmdale Baptist Church came in March to help out. We appreciate all groups that are willing come serve at the House of Hope!

We are happy to have some new volunteers, and so happy about the faithful volunteers who continue to serve every week! To see how you can help, go to our volunteer page. Or to make a donation, just click on “donation”. This ministry couldn’t go on without your faithfulness! We appreciate your continued service, donations, and prayers. We always need new folks to cook and bring the food in on Wednesdays and Fridays. We need people to go out in the community and spread the word about what we are doing. If you think of a way you can help that is not listed, just contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!”