Greeter / Food Pantry

(1-2 people)

This person’s job is to make up 12 bags of food from the pantry to be given out that day, and set them on the desk adjacent to the pantry. The bags need to have a variety of foods from the pantry in each one. This needs to be done first thing in the morning, by about 9:30. Then, as people arrive, this person stands at the door to greet people as they come in asking if they’re new and directing them to the registration table, and doing a quick assessment of the client’s needs. Ask “What can we do for you today?” and assess what they came for are they upset, heavy heart?, just need to hang out, need a hot meal, need prayer support, need clothing or food pantry items, need to use the computer, laundry done? Tell the registrar if they need food or clothes. If donations of food arrive, put food on pantry shelves, and organize it. Give out the bags as clients leave, making sure the registrar has marked their card, so we have a record of when they received assistance. The amount of bags the people receive depends on our stock in the pantry, and the size of their family. Signs are in the pantry with directions.